Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16th - ATV sent to resupply the ISS

The Johannes Kepler Automated Transfer Vehicle is the second of it's kind, designed to send large amounts of cargo to the ISS. This mission was the heaviest ever launched by ESA, totaling at 6,600kg of propellant, water, air, and dry cargo. Once the ship unloads at the ISS, it will undock, and will be sent to be destroyed in the earths atmosphere. The previous mission using an identical vehicle was launched in 2008.

This new cargo vehicle is important for one because the ISS is still growing, and as of this year is bigger than ever. Also, the space shuttle, ISS' largest resupply vehicle, is going to retire this year.

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  1. hmm, interesting. hopefully this will result in technological advancements in space travel.